Best News App For Android: Choose an efficient one

newsToday’s information technology has growing very rapidly. The past year has been all about the technology industry that infiltrates the publication world. The Internet has totally changed the way to digest news in latest form. These days lot of people still get newspapers and magazines to update with the latest news but the majority of us now dependent on applications, web browsers, and social media to find out what’s going on around the world. News collects all the stories that you want to read from the top new sources based on your interested topics. The demand for news app is growing rapidly, so lots of application is available to meets user requirements. By these application, each people has now updated with all the latest news like states, countries, business news, sports and various others. So you can also a best news application for your Android phone to update with all the latest news.

There are various new reader apps for Android that enable user to catch up with the latest news in their interested area. Here are the list of the best Android news apps which helps to update with latest news without paying lots of time on newspaper.

    • feedly logoFeedly-screenshotFeedly:- It is one of the top ways to create your own news feed. This application comes with a very nice Interface which is able to integrate with social media and YouTube channel support. Since Google Reader went to retirement, so it has the RSS reader of choice for many junkies. The navigation menu of this app is swipe-able from the left-hand edge of the screen which shows all of your lists and the feeds that are contained within them. This application is fast and well-designed with a simple process for adding new feeds and an engaging Discover section for finding new content from outlets outside of your lists. This application is free for your Android phone, so you have not to pay any cost to use it.
    • Flipboardflipboard1Flipboard:- This application has created a new type of reading experience on Android mobile which offers various amount of topics. It is an app that rose to prominence after the death of Google Reader. Much like Feedly, user can also create their own news feed from the various sources. There are 24 localized regions which covers a majority of the world which is a great feature and there are curated news feeds if you don’t want to make your own. It is the first applications to make reading the news less boring with its image-heavy, magazine-style layout. The best thing about this application is its customization, so beyond selecting topic areas of interest, you can add news in your own feeds. It has no any cost for Android smartphone.
    • Pocket1Pocket:- It is one of the best news application for your Android phone. It is sublime “ save-it-for-later” application which lets user to archive interesting content from the web. This application can help you to download your desired articles for offline access. Android user have not to pay any cost to install or use such an amazing new app.
    • google1
      Google Play NewsstandGoogle Play Newsstand:-
      This application has been launched by Google that effectively replaced the experience of downloading and reading digital publications. This apps promises user to improve their experience based on their subscriptions and preferences. It is very gorgeous to look at the Read Now Section and it’s My New Section icon lets user to quickly find their favorite news outlets and delver into their stories. User can easily download this application from Google PlayStore.
    • circalogoCirca1Circa:- It is a fresh breed of newsreader app that offers lots of features such as brief, bite-sized news stories tailored specifically for mobile consumption. This application split itself into various sections such as politics, top stories, technology, science and health etc with a stories based article like when they are published or last updated etc. Each article is begined with a full screen photo and then followed with a full screen photo and then followed by story modules. This application is not an RSS reader, so you have tied the stories day-in, day-out that the app’s editor selected. It is really a unique experience that has been tuned finely for tablet or Smartphone. If you really want for a quick overview of today’s headline then you should go through with this news application.
    • digg digglogoDigg:- It is one of the most aggregators news apps on the web. The design of this app is really stunning with a predominantly black and white color scheme that emphasizes the imagery paired with each article. This application also doubles up as an RSS reader similar to Feedly application. The typography and white space of this app is pixel-perfect and it’s reading experience is also clean and easy on the eyes. User need to adds some new feeds using Digg Reader on the web browser to sync automatically with the Android App after changes. In this apps, list will be appear in the side-bar and individual posts will displayed clearly with a headline, time of publication, author, short snippet etc.
    • abc1 abc2ABC News Apps:- It is the first up app when it comes to applications. This app has personalized alerts that helps you to get new notifications about news and an inbox where you can easily save your stories that you want to read later. It has various features that helps user to stay caught up on the latest news. It has also a radio. It’s design is not impressive but it is the best according to it’s features. This app is available on Play Store, so that you can easily use it.
    • Google-News-and-Weather-screenshotGoogle News and Weather:- It is a best android news apps which has been recently refreshed and re-released by Google with a new card UI. It is really a good app for those who want a dedicated news app. This application is more minimal than most of these other application which is good to keep it simple. The features of this application is coverage from 65,000 publications that are separated into categories of weather. This application is free and simple which makes it very convenient-to-use. If all want a simple app to show the headlines and maybe the daily weather then you should go through with Google News and Weather.
    • Yahoo News Digest:- It is an interesting news application for android phone that makes a hybrid between old school newspaper and today’s Internet “infobesity”. This application releases a new digest twice per day that rounds up the top stories of the morning and evening. It lets you to read the news in best way. This app is a very nice solution for those who have not enough time to dig through billion of headlines. If you want the quick run down of events which are occurred in whole day but want it as quickly as possible then Yahoo News Digest is one of the better option for you. This app is a little region-limited, but where you use this app, it will serve you various headlines in the form of a digest twice a day. User can easily set the times on this app when they want to see them, so that app will give you a notification to read the news. If you are really hungry for more news then you should get a little extra after finished your digest.
  • BBC News:- It extends for Britian’s national broadcaster. This news app is considered as one of the most reliable news app around the world and this has no any exception. This application comes with Holo UI that makes it very easy to use and pleasing to look. It has a push notifications for breaking news, text sizing options, access to BBC World Service radio, various news categories, and personalization to help user to find the news better which they want. This app delivers the news around the globe through round-the-clock TV broadcasts, but it also has Android app to deliver the news that are going on in the world today. This app will also deliver that round-the-clock video coverage, though that might be dependent on location. User can use it very easily and get update with the latest news.

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