Facebook Messenger Updated With Chatbot Feature

 images (2)Facebook messenger is one of the most popular and official app that lets user to text conversations with their friends and relatives on the social network. There are various messaging application available in these days but among all messenger is most popular apps through which they can easily share data images, location, text messages. It allow user to add various recipients and open chat windows with lots of people at a time. User can also configure messenger to receive vibrating alerts and sound notification each time when they receive a message and they respond via text messages if the person not available on the facebook and they can make VOIP voice call which are provided within the application. One of the most entertaining things about this app is its stickers collection which helps to personalize your conversation. This app is really very handy for anyone who uses this app regularly.

images (1)Mark Zukerbarg who is the founder of Facebook always added new features on this application time-by-time to enhance it’s popularity. It is a great new for messenger user that it added a Dropbox feature. By this feature you can find Dropbox inside Messenger’s extension menu. It is really a smarter integration for messenger. Beside this the great news is that it added new “chat bot” feature that lets user for conversation with company’s automated representatives. The latest updated version of messenger added which displays a new heading “Bots and Businesses” which can be seen in searching contacts or creating a new message. It launches for simulation of one-on-one conversations between users and companies which expand custom service and enterprise transactions. This feature will allow business to deliver e-commerce guidance, content, automated customer support and interactive experiences. By adding this feature facebook boots it’s loyalty with other chat competitors.

Chatbots are an automated programs which help users to communicate with businesses and perform various tasks such as online purchase. Chatbots feature is really a very hot topic in the tech business because it is an advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning which make user more capable and potential to assume a key role in customers communicate with businesses. Chatbots are really virtual agents which are powered by artificial intelligence that can easily communicate with users to help them with various tasks such as online shopping, booking any hotel room etc. It is a part of Facebook’s effort which build this app as the go-to place for customers to contact businesses which uses a strategy to threatens traditional call centers and may cut personnel costs for some businesses. You can get more information of this feature on it’s official site. Source:- https://www.messenger.com

How Messenger bots work

images (4)From long times, messenger is used to send or receive API, bots feature can send more than a text. This feature is able to respond with structured and well mannered messages including videos, images, files, links, call etc with the help of action buttons. It lets user to make online ticket, restaurant reservation, e-commerce order and many more. The most important thing about this feature is that it does not allow payments directly through credit card. At the top of Messenger app a new persistent search bar will appear that help people to discover bots. Those companies who already connecting with customer over SMS, a phone-number matching tool lets user to easily shift those conversations to messenger account. At the top of every bot conversation, a block button appears to keep people on control and make them silence.

Facebook has it’s own inbuilt Bot Engine on acquisition of natural language interface which has started with artificial intelligence. This features allows developers to build their own work or bots with bot-building partners. Based on the features, Facebook uses to teach its own artificial intelligence and developers can feed the bot engine sample conversations that help to learn how to handle similar conversation on its own.

Chatbots have suddenly becomes more popular and biggest thing in tech. This feature of messenger unblock the ability to provide interactive and personalized communication to talk to a human customer service or sales but it scales are much cheaper than call centers. Facebook CNN ChatbotA conservative estimate that chatbots could replace 1-800 numbers by offering more comfortable customer support experiences without affecting into the hold times, synchronous phone conversations and annoying phone trees. But if bots on messenger thrive, they could redefine that how businesses sell services and products. Chatbot can ask your surface related things and criteria to but instead of wandering around an app. It can also learn what you deliver personal digest & conversations rather than sifting through lots of content on a news site.

images (3)The chatbot platform has no charity. Facebook plans to earn money by allowing business to send “Sponsored Messages” ads to those people who have already voluntarily started a conversation with a business. There is a good news for advertisers because they can buy “Click To Message” News feed ads that initiate a conversation with their bot. Both could allow bots to push people to buy products to recoup the ad costs. facebook sure that chatbot game is not only work in town because more than 900 million messenger’s user reach as its vast connections with advertisers and a healthy developer ecosystem. This app provide the most attractive platform on which to run them. Most of the businesses focus on that area where the biggest number of customers are available and Facebook is one of the popular platform.

This latest feature is available on the latest version of messenger which is suitable for both iOS and android Smartphone. Those user who are satisfied with this feature and want to get it they can easily upgrade the version of their messenger app. You can easily update your messenger app with Google play store without paying any cost and get it’s service. So upgrade now your app without any hesitation.

Source for Android User:- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.facebook.orca&hl=en

Source for iOS User:-  https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/messenger/id454638411?mt=8