FBI Virus: How To Remove FBI Virus Attacks From Android Phones


FBI Virus from Android phone is also known as Android-Trojan.Koler.A. It is a type of ransomware program that mainly attacks on all Android devices. The works or behavior of this ransomware is the same as it does on Systems. After attacking into your phone, it will locks your phone completely and presents a message on your screen which claims that you have committed a crime and you have to pay some fine to unlock your device. It seems as genuine so most of the users think that it is true and pay some ransom money to decrypt their data but they should not follow the instructions which is provided by this ransomware. Like other ransomware, it has been also created by cyber hackers to scare innocent user in order to make money from innocent Android users.

One of the German user shared his experience with FBI Virus –

Eu sou um usuário cujo telefone Android tem sido afetada pelo vírus FBI. De tempos longos, eu estava à espera para uma melhor solução para excluí-lo do meu telefone e, finalmente, eu remover FBI vurus facilmente com a ajuda de guia especializado do meu amigo

How did Your Phone acquire FBI virus –

FBI virus may infect in your Android phone when you install any fake software or free stuffs from unreliable sources. If you see lots of ads that promote itself as useful programs or updates make sure that the software is legitimate and then download it from its official page. Another way, which known as the most common way is by entering a corrupted website. Since malware can easily attack on your mobile devices by using various method, so you should be very careful which web-pages you visit and what to install into your phone.

Impacts of FBI Virus On Your Android phone –

Once FBI Virus get successfully installed into your phone, it will display a fake warning message which tells that Your phone has been blocked up for safety reasons. The notification and message of encryption may vary depending on your location. The meaning of this alerts is that you need to pay some ransom money or fine which you have committed. It has usually to do with copyright laws, so user will be accused of downloading and distributing files or software illegally. User should not take this message seriously because it is not true. Do not follow the instructions, because if you pay the ransom note to cyber criminals you will not regain access to your device. So you need to remove Remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone yourself. For getting more information about this ransomware visit – http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/fbi-ransomware-hits-android-avoid-getting-remove

How to remove Police or FBI virus from Android phone –

The uninstallation of FBI virus from Android phone may be quite complicated. User need to remove app called BaDoink. If you can access the Settings menu then you should follow the removal guide steps below:

  • For this Go to phone settings
  • Tap on apps
  • From the list of installed applications choose BaDoink
  • Click on Uninstall button
  • Restart your phone

However, If you can not access your Android menu to remove FBI virus from Android phone you will have to restart your device in Safe Mode. You are provided with the instructions on how to do that below or you can try to use this removal guide

  • Turn off your mobile phone
  • Hold power button
  • long press the power off option.
  • Select Reboot option from the list.

once you reboot your phone, it will removed from your phone.