Google Aims to Build a Better iOS Keyboard


On demand of Mac user’s Google has decided to release a a Better iOS Keyboard like android. It is really a very good news for them. Google may release an iPhone keyboard with built-in search and GIFs features. Similar to Google’s existing Android keyboard, the iPhone version of keyboard would reportedly allow gesture typing which predicts the intended word as users trace their fingers over each letter. The keyboard may have GIF and image buttons, which could easily tie into Google Image search.

2The keyboard is being tested internally, reportedly that it will incorporate a number of search options and a Swype-like feature that help the user to guess the intended word when a user slides a finger from one letter to another. This keyboard has buttons for picture and GIF searches and users can easily launch traditional Web searches when they tap the Google logo. Google keyboard may looks completely different from the standard Android keyboard which doesn’t have any text- or image-based searching features. Google is reportedly for building a new virtual keyboard around its popular search engine for iOS based. Although it doesn’t look like Google’s virtual keyboard for stock Android and this keyboard has adopted various features including the ability to input words simply by sliding your fingers over the letters, voice input etc. It has more features than Android’s keyboard.The reason behind this is that search of Google’s is most lucrative.

If this report is really accurate, the Google keyboard would be too much noteworthy for a couple of reasons. First is the trend of third-party keyboards which introduced too much special features within the typing space such as built-in translation, unusual symbols, or a quick way to schedule meetings. With the help of this keyboard user can easily access to search any thing which would be fit right into the toolbox. Google Keyboard represent a counter-attack against Microsoft, which has been working on iOS and Android versions of its own Word Flow keyboard. Microsoft announced it’s plans to acquire third-party keyboard maker SwiftKey in February, taking note that how startup’s predictive technology “aligns with user vision for more personal computing experiences that anticipate our needs versus responding to our commands.”

Do You Know Why Google Would Care About Making A Keyboard For The iPhone

4Google is building a software keyboard for use on the iPhone and other iOS devices. Google make various apps for the iPhone already, for everything from maps to its many Google Drive applications, that feed directly into popular services that millions already use. According to Newton, this keyboard would serve a similar purpose by incorporating Google’s search engine directly into the keyboard. It would be too much convenient for the vast majority of people who prefer to use Google for searches instead of other browsers.

Google may also give the company yet another point of contact with consumers. Google has an undeniable lead in the search game, but that business is changing significantly as people have started using their phones to search, rather than their computers.

To reduce the issue that use of more app is decreasing the mobile searches overall. According to Newton report, as people turn more to apps, they’re using search engines less often. It is slight normal behavior for someone to search for “Twitter” or “Facebook” rather than navigating directly to the site on a desktop. But if someone’s search “Twitter” or “Facebook” on their phone, it is likely that they will just tap on the dedicated app rather than going to the mobile Web version of those sites. Google build search directly into the keyboard. However it help Google boost mobile searches just by making a search super-convenient. For getting more information about this content you can read news of Technews

3According to user’s requirements Apple started allowing third-party keyboards on the iPhone from the iOS version 8. This version of ios allows a number of smaller companies for it’s user that make keyboards with those features that Apple doesn’t offer or support in its stock keyboard. To add a new keyboard on user’s device they have to do a little bit of fiddling with the settings. After changing some policies of Apple many companies such as Swype has reported a significant boost in Mac users.

As all we know that all people doesn’t want the same thing. To regarding this decision of Google lots of mac users had refused to opt this type of keyboard and they said that “ There is no need of Google Keyboard”.

Not Needed?

According to some users, a search-enabled keyboard is really unnecessary. Let us view some users reviews why Google Keyboard is not needed:-

  • “Why would I need a keyboard to instantly perform a web search, where I can do right from the home screen ‘swipe down and start typing,'”. This statement is remarked by mytawalbeh.
  • “I barely use Google, the only app I have on my iPhone [is] Google Maps.”
  • “I stopped using Google as my default search engine on my iOS devices ever since Apple added support for DuckDuckGo,”. This statement is said by halrepublic.
  • “You do realize that Google does, in fact, record pretty much everything you do on one of their services in order to target you for their ads. This profiling is also a deadly weapon in the wrong hands. Though, if you are smart, you know how to opt out of such things,”. It has been writtent by Andrew Larter.
  • “hopefully it actually syncs across devices since I can never get that function to work on various Android devices running recent Android. I’m not liking swiping on both iOS/Android using Swiftkey and Swype doesn’t sync across iOS and Android,”. This comment is commented by Jay Viper.

5Mac user’s thought the main aim of Keyboard is to increase the number of Google searches made on iOS. But they are wrong because the aim of Google is to provide a better keyboard for iOS user to enhance their typing experience. As all we know that Google’s brand is too much strong than other browser and it is suitable for those users who perform many searches per day or simply want a solid gesture based System for the text-entry. Google keyboard is really very genuine that delivers best experience. According to research, It’s search engine rules on desktops, not on smart-phones and so search of mobile is much less lucrative. The reason behind this is that people search for things like “Gmail” and “Facebook” on their desktops to save typing in their URLs. However, on smartphones there are sufficient apps for these things and almost all users prefer to use than other mobile websites.

According to research, Google has been developing the iOS keyboard for months and is visually distinct from Google’s Android Keyboard. But there is no word on when it will be available on iOS yet. It is unclear that when the Google might release Google Keyboard for iOS. So you have to be always update yourself so that you can use this amazing keyboard and enhance your browsing experience.