Google Duo makes mobile video calls fast and simple

1In this modern era there are various smart messaging and video app available to connect with people. These day all people want to share all moments with their family, relatives or friends instantly as they happen like welcoming a new baby, discovering the best taco stand, celebrating the winning shot etc. Lots of the time, people pick up their phone and start a call or send a message to share their happiness. To enhancing use of app, Google wanted to its own version of Facetime. As per the user need and Google demand in this revolution era, Google has introduced as a new video calling app called Google Duo which is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

Google Duo is a very simple and blazing fast way to start any video chats. This app claims user to work very well and fine on ever slower Internet connections by offering mobile-only one-to-one video calling in a faster and simple way.

3Similar to its companion chat app, this app is excellent. This app uses user phone number as an identifier to get user started and allows them to make a video calls with everyone who appeared in their contact list. The interface of this app is really very simple and user-friendly, whenever you open this app, you greeted with a selfie-cam video preview of yourself with a red button for starting a video call. After previewing yourself you can check your hair and tap one of the giant circled photos which appeared below to start a call or scroll up on the panel of your phone to see more contacts from whom you want to contact. You are having a video chat when you call the person and on the other end of the line answers. You can easily mute microphone and flip the camera. But with the help of this application you cannot do a video conference.

The premiere features which is available only on Android in this app is that you can see a live video of the person who calling you right on the screen when you receive a call. The video call is going instantly when you answer a call. The most interesting feature of this application is Knock Knock because this feature offers user a personalized preview of the caller before pick up the call. This app offers end-to-end encrypted video calls which supports HD audio and videos and optimized to adjust a best video quality for the spotty networks. It can easily work and switch from Wi-Fi and cellular data. For getting more details about this news you can visit –

1To introduced this excellent application Google has spend lots of time and resources under the hood. Google states that it spent more time for optimizing speed and latency which work on even falkey Internet connections. This app dynamically adjusts the audio and video quality of calls to suit whatever connect on you are but besides this it has more trick to handle your phone switching from Wi-Fi to cellular connection and back again without dropping the call on which you appear. Google has various nerdy or technical things which tells you that how to achieved all this. This application optimized webRTC and connects calls by using QUIC over UDP for much faster initial end-to-end encrypted connection.

Google Duo is really an amazing app that makes user conversations easier and much expressive. Since this application is based on your phone number, so you can easily get touch with anyone in your Contact lists or phone-book. With the deeply integrated machine learning, it has other smart features to keep conversations flowing and helps you to get things done.

Features of Google Duo App – 

  1. Emojis, stickers, Ink, and our Whisper Shout feature – Duo app has in-built Smart Reply option, so that user can respond to any messages without typing a single world. It learns over and over time and suggest that you are in the latest style. It can works with photos and videos by providing intelligent suggestions related to the content of the video and images.
  2. Smart Reply suggestions – This app featured the Google assistant feature which brings the richness of Google. It uses directly into your chats or calls to find information and get things done. User can chat one-on-one with Google assistant or call on Google with friends. This app lets you to bring various things such as Maps, Search, YouTube and translate all the conversations so that you and your can friends can easily use Google together. It understands the natural language patterns so you can chat or call like yourself and it will understand easily that what you are saying.
  3. Duo, a video calling app for everyone– Google Duo app is a very fast and simple one-to-one video calling application for everyone. It is compatible with both android and iOS devices at slow or fast Internet connections. Since it is based on the user phone number, so it allows user to reach anyone easily in their phone-book. It’s simple and user-friendly interface fades away you whenever you appeared in a call so it is just the two of you.
  4. Video call in Duo-  Google Duo is packed with great and attractive features. One of the best features of this app is knock knock features which displays user a live video preview of the caller person before picking up the call. This feature invites user into the moment to make call feel fun and spontaneous. Once you answer the call, it seamlessly transitions you the right into the call. The calls in the app are in the HD audio and video quality. It optimized to work very well even slower Internet connections. If the bandwidth is limited then you no need to be worry because it automatically adjusts the quality so that you can connect your call. It transited call between Wi-Fi and cellular data. The best thing about this app is that it with security and privacy and make all calls into end-to-end decrypted form.

After getting satisfied with the features of Google Duo you can use this application to enhance your video calling experience. Since it run on both Android as well as iOS device, so you can use it without any hesitation and make an excellent video call with your friend, family or relatives.