How to Remove Malware From Your Windows Phone

malware1Is your windows Phone running slower than usual? Are you getting tons of annoying pop-ups on your screen while browsing? Sometime it is possible that your Smartphone might be infected with a spyware, virus, spyware, or other malware even you have installed an an anti-virus program. Usually malware gets installed on your device secretly without asking for your approval using various method including free download packages, torrent files, online games, open any junk mail attachments, visit any porn sites, use of any infected media devices to share or transfer desired content, play online games etc.

The main motive of malware is to make your Windows Smartphone useless. So you should be aware while installing any freware packages, playing games etc. But if in intrudes into your phone successfully, it will cause lots of harms on your phone and makes your phone very strange.

Impact of Malware :-

  • Automatically download various unwanted application without asking for your approval to consumes more space of your phone.
  • Make slow your phone by consuming more resources and drain your battery.
  • Consumes lots of cellular data.
  • You cannot open security-related web pages such as the Windows Update website.
  • Steals your all crucial data by connecting you with remote hackers silently
  • Web browser’s home page has changed automatically and you cannot restore your home page.
  • Bypass the security measures of your phone
  • Unusually System slow, crashes, or stops for responding frequently.
  • Receive constant and unexpected pop-up windows etc.

Besides this, it can cause various damages on your PC. So you should remove malware from your windows phone as soon as possible after getting any harmful symptoms of it.

Manual Method To Remove Malware From Windows Phone:-

Tips for preparation of malware removal

  1. System Restore: Disable the system restore feature of your System.
  2. Backup Registry: Create a backup of your system registry.

Tips to stop malware functionality:

After preparing a backup of the System registry, user can move ahead with restarting and boot it in the safe mode. For booting System in safe mode, press F8 and click on safe mode option. Now check the programs that load at the time of booting and stop them to execute. You should be aware that perform this all activity in safe mode otherwise there will be a risk of the malware that infects on your device again in auto-start programs.

How to check errors and delete the malware:

It is very important to check a system or errors to repair or deleting malware from it. To check errors and deleting malware from your Smartphone follow the simple steps steps:

  • Run Check Disk or Scandisk function, and then find out the errors
  • Again make a registry backup
  • For checking whether malware have been loaded or not, user can also make use of a process monitor.
  • Then after delete the the temporary files, web browser cache, Active X controls, and also empty recycle bin of all the users
  • User should also clean the folder of java cache of all the Windows users.

3By using manual method you can easily remove malware from your Windows mobile but generally this method is used by only advanced users who have full skills of manual removal method because one wrong step can cause lots of troubles for your Windows phone. If you really want to remove malware easily from you Windows Smartphone without using manual method then you should follow this link –