Know Easy And Simple Way For iPhoto Database Rebuild

iPhoto is a pretty app for managing images on your Mac, but sometimes it may lead to put you in a trouble. The trouble is corruption of the iphoto library database due to which you fail to retrieve all your save images. But iPhoto database rebuild is possible and you can again see all your saved images which are there in its library folder. visit the mac forum to gain more info about iPhoto database rebuild.

Causes For This Problem :-

There are two things which is required to make your photo collection load in iPhoto.

  • iPhoto Application — the program developed by Apple that does the magic.
  • iPhoto Library File — a self-contained folder that looks like a single file in the Finder application.

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Stellar Mac Data Recovery (Mac)
Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac

Fixing iPhoto Library Issue :-

iPhoto library issue can be fix by using the guidelines that is given below ;

  • Repair Permissions
  • Rebuild Thumbnails
  • Repair Database
  • Rebuild Database

For Ref :-

Steps For iPhoto Database Rebuild

iPhoto Database Rebuild can be done in two simple steps that is;

Manual Steps For iPhoto Database Rebuild

  • Quit iPhoto app if it is open.
  • Hold down the Command and Option keys on the keyboard.
  • Open iPhoto app.
  • Keep the keys held down until you are prompted to rebuild the library.
  • Dialog box will appear with rebuild options. Select the options you want to use.
  • Click Rebuild to begin the rebuild process. It will take a few minutes to complete.

Top Commercial Software For iphoto Database Rebuild

1st Rank Software – Stellar Mac Data Recovery (Mac)

Stellar Mac Data Recovery (Mac) is one of the most efficient and powerful software that rebuild the iphoto database and also recovers all the lost, deleted, corrupted, formatted images, photos, videos and such other multimedia files. As, the software has an improved features set, that proves and ensure for the recovery of your media files on Mac. On the other hand the software is helpful for iPhoto database recovery or rebuild and restores photos, audios, videos of different formats . It also facilitates the recovery of photos from encrypted hard drives and for unicode files and thus improved Mac photo recovery for HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT, and NTFS based systems. It has a complete package for the recovery of photos and media files.

Key Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

  • It easily recover and rebuild photo database of all the deleted photos from Mac OS.
  • It has an enhanced user interface.
  • Photos can be zoomed in and zoomed out in the preview mode.
  • Better support for ExFAT, FAT32, and NTFS.
  • Improved support for Unicode.

Pro & Cons Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

Pro :-

  • Interface is easy for first-time for users to navigate.

Cons :-

  • It failed to recover any vector images.

User Guide For Stellar Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Initially download and install Stellar Mac Data Recovery software and then Click onto ‘Recover Photo, Audio & Video’ button to recover deleted or lost photos, audios & videos files.

  • All drives and attached media are list and then select desired drive or external media and click on ‘Scan Now’ button to start scanning process.

  • It will search all the multimedia files from selected drive or media during scanning.

  • Once scanning is finished it will list all the files, click on recover button for the recovery of your desired file.

  • First screen of software contains Create Image option and will create an image of preferred storage device for recovery at later stage.

  • Then after Select the drive / volume to create images and Click on ‘Continue’ button.

  • Imaging of the selected drive is in process.

  • Then after click on scan button to start the scanning of the created image.

  • See the preview and click on to recover to save the recovered files.

  • This option give the facilities for resume recovery.

  • After doing so select previously saved scan information to recover file from saved point and click on ‘Scan’ button to start scanning process.

  • It will list the entire file in the tree like structure. You can see the preview of any file by clicking on it. Click ‘Recover’ to save the file at desired location.

2nd Rank Software – Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery

Data Rescue 4 is yet another the best recovery as well as photo database rebuild software as it has a high rate of success among all file types and the interface is extremely easy to navigate. It is developed by Prosoft Engineering, Data Rescue 4 Mac data recovery software is easy to use and is highly effective in recovering all deleted files. However, the data recovery process is easy and reliable with one click scan and all files types are recoverable. It works on reformatted drives, deleted files, and lost data too. On the other side the software is also compatible with SSD and RAID. It is completely safe to use and easily to recover all your lost files and data.

Salient Features Of Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery :-

  • Recovers and rebuild photo database, media etc even after being erased or reformatted.
  • It works on all Mac hard drives even if they fail to mount or only partially operate.
  • Also capable to recover your entire Mac hard drive or just the files you need.
  • Tuned for all modern Mac OS versions 10.8 and newer.
  • Recovers all file types from any HFS/HFS+ formatted drive.

Pro & Cons Of Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery :-

Pro :-

  • It quickly scan all the drive, folders.
  • Helps to prevent from future disasters.

Cons :-

  • It require a separate drive.
  • Alternate physical location is needed to store rescue data.

Steps to Install Data Rescue 4 Mac Data Recovery On Your PC :-

  • Firstly, download and install the recovery software within your PC.
  • Then press Next button in manner to continue with the installation process.

  • Click on browser to change the installation location and press install.

  • After then click finish to launch the software.
  • Then after open the software and click on to “ I Agree” and paste the software serial number.

  • Click on to “Activate” button and start to recover your lost, deleted data and files.


3rd Rank Software – Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac

Wondershare Data Recovery is another efficient and a versatile tool that gives the option to recover files and rebuild photo database which has being accidentally deleted or lost. Further, it also provides a ton of option in manner for the recovery of the lost, deleted files and data. Aside all these it is also helpful to recover files from USB drives, external hard drives and other such storage devices. It is safe and effective for the recovery of lost data. Along with all these features, it offers a good set of tools for finding files, and its scans run smoothly and efficiently.

Features Of Wondershare Data Recovery For Mac :-

  • This software is capable to recovers over 550 file formats which include documents, photos, emails, music, videos, etc.,
  • It can also recover files from Recycle Bin and also rebuild the photo database.
  • You can pause and resume the scanning at any time.
  • It provides support to preview the common formats before you restore.
  • Supports data recovery for Mac trash, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and camcorders.

Pro & Cons Of Wondershare Data Recovery :-

Pro :-

  • It has simple user interface which can easily go through the data recovery process.
  • It pick single files to recover.

Cons :-

  • Software usually comes along with a price tag.

Wondershare Data Recovery User Guide :-

  • Firstly, download and install the software on your PC.
  • Launch the software and choose the recovery mode.

  • Then after select the location to scan in manner to preview and restore the data.

  • Finally, your lost data has been recovered successfully.

Free Software For iphoto Database Rebuild

  • Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery – Free Software For iPhoto Database Rebuild

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery is a free software that is designed specially for the Mac OS environment and can be used to recover and rebuild database of photo, data or files from NTFS, EXFAT (new), FAT 32, FAT, HFS/HFS+ and such more. Further, it also help you to recover the deleted Mac OS files from any mountable media such as external hard disk, internal hard disk, USB flash disk, memory cards etc. On the other hand the recovery software uses the most up-to-date, secure, speedy and powerful data recovery engines. It can also recover disk data even when the partitions are formatted damaged or deleted. The software is one of the most powerful real free data recovery software for the Mac OS X operating system.

Key Features Of Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery :-

  • It quickly and easily recover and rebuild database of all deleted files and data.
  • It has hassle free user interface.
  • Data and file preview is being conducted at the recovery time.
  • Also capable to recover data from iPod Nano, Shuffle and classic.
  • It provides free technical support to their users.

Pro & Cons Of Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery :-

Pro :-

  • It has unrestricted recovery capabilities.
  • It provides many options for backup and restore of disk drives.

Cons :-

  • The trial version of the software has limited features.

User Guide For Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery :-

  • At first download and launch the software on to your system.

  • After doing so open the Wizard module to start the recovery mode options for all your deleted files and data.

  • By using this options you can recover the lost data and files.

  • Lastly, select the location or Dir to save all your recovered files and data.


Final Word :-

Now you came to know which software is the best for the recovery of lost data and files. From, my opinion Stellar Mac Data Recovery is one of the best for the recovery of the lost, deleted or corrupted files and data. As this software is very much efficient in doing so and easily recover the lost data. However, the reasons for its excellence might be better in the recovery results with details, and thus select the type of data to be recovered.

Better Use Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery For iphoto Database Rebuild

iPhoto database rebuild can be done easily by using the Stellar Mac Data Recovery. It also recovers your files, images, documents, music and such more which lost lost or deleted from any HFS, HFS+, FAT, ExFAT and NTFS file based system storage media.

How To Install Stellar Mac Data Recovery On Your PC

  • At first, double-click on StellarMacDataRecovery.exe file and click Run to start Setup Wizard.
  • Click Next. License Agreement dialog box is displayed.
  • Select the agreement option and click Next. Select Destination Location dialog box is displayed.
  • After then specify a destination in the text box or click Browse to select a destination. Click Next. Select Start Menu folder dialog box is displayed.
  • Select the required check boxes for creating desktop icon and quick launch icon of the software. Click Next.
  • Click on to ready to Install dialog box, verify the settings. Click Back to make any changes, or click Install to install the software.
  • After successful installation, the Stellar Mac Data Recovery Setup Wizard screen opens. Click Finish.