List of The Best Apps That Released on March 2016

1The craze of Mobile apps are growing rapidly because apps meshed with highly advanced technology and features. Now-a-days, apps are the part of every credible business, irrespective of their size or services they offer. And of course, consumers like using mobile apps are able to get easily with a product or service. It’s usages is everywhere like travel agencies, beauty parlors, cafes, education etc that built mobile apps to promote their services,they’ve gradually emerged as the top gainers in their respective industries. Even airports and restaurants have mobile apps to serve their users in a better way. It is really true that mobile apps benefit small businesses in a big way. Mobile apps have proved to be the very future of computing and hence the digital era.

App developers are pushing the envelope on a daily basis trying to improve and enhance our smartphone and tablet experiences. Regarding this various apps has been launched daily, so it is very difficult to track all.

In Play Store there are so many apps landed on every single month. If you are crazy for using more apps on your mobile then you have to be keep track of all apps. It is possible that due to some reasons you are unable to track all the best apps. But no need to be worry because through this article you will definitely get that amazing apps which release in March 2016. Let’s start…

2***Hermit:- This app includes a Library that offers alternative to native applications like Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Google +, YouTube, Google+, Reddit etc. So there is no need to download a separates wrapper app for each site. It’s meant to give users better battery life and performance as well as better security, by creating lite shell apps for web pages like Facebook and Twitter as well as others.

Features of Hermit are as follows:-

  • Fully Integrated Lite Apps:- It seems and behave like true native apps. This app does not open a new tab each timer when you tap on a home-screen icon. If you already have a lite apps open, it will bring it up instantly.
  • Full Screen & Frameless modes:- This mode customize the user of every pixel of your smartphone and maximum the lite app.
  • Seperate Cookies To Limit Tracking:- It have separate cookies from Chrome, so any6 tracking scripts cannot track your usual browsing behavior.
  • Feature Tour:- This feature helps to learn the new user that how it works.
  • More Security in a Sandbox:- It is HTML5 apps which run on their own sandbox, so it is impossible to get a malware or virus from a Lite App.
  • Bookmarks:- This features help you to create your own navigation for any Lite app. It ensures that only bookmarks relevant to the current lite app which are shown in the sidebar.



— NEW: Library uses SSL

— FIX: Open links in Lite Apps by default. Solves issues related to OAuth redirection.

— NEW: Download files to phone

— NEW: Data Saver mode: Save-Data HTTP header

— FIX: Re-check aggressively with Google Play whether Premium has already been purchased

— FIX: Silent notification sounds correctly supported


— NEW: Automatic Configuration for the most popular sites, e.g. Facebook.

— NEW: Notifications from your Lite Apps!

miitomo***Miitomo:- It is a smart-device app that sparks one-of-a-kind conversations between you and your friends. It is Nintendo’s first official application and it’s bound to be a wildly popular offering in the U.S. The app has just recently launched in the U.S. this week and allows you to create your own Mii likeness and interact socially with the Miis of your friends and people around you. For getting more details about this app you can visit it’s official sites –

With the help of Miitomo, you can perform various activities which are listed below:-

  • Dress your Mii However You want:- With the help of this app you can easily mix and match clothing items to wear and create a perfect look for your Mii.
  • Make a Mii to Look Like You:- In this feature, you can choose a pic from wide library of facial features or using a photo taken by your camera to make your Mii just look like you. After creating your Mii, you can give a nickname to customize it.
  • Win Prizes From Miitomo Drop:- it has a minigame in which you can play and win it. Prixe are based on where it lands.
  • Make Your Mii a Star with Miifotos:- In this app you can create images called Miifotos. With this app you can let your creativity go wild and put your Mii’s and Mii’s friends in images.
  • Use Your Mii as a Social Go-Between:- In this app, your Mii and your friend’s Mii characters acts as social Go-Between.

mailtime***Mailtime:- MailTime, a great productivity app for you to think about in your daily business which has been recently launched this week. It did a great job making it into a group chat which people are more comfortable with and offers up a chat/instant messaging style interface and experience to email. This app is compatible with all of the top email clients and makes your email conversations a little more organized and easy to read. It also features an intelligent inbox which prioritizes emails. It makes emails more manageable, easier to read, and quicker to respond to. For More Details About This App Click Here

Features of Mailtime are as follows:-

  • Email Messaging
  • Group Chats
  • Communicate, Don’t Organize
  • Too Long; Didn’t Read
  • One Click To-dos

ubereats***UberEats:- Launching of UberEATS apps is Uber’s new service which allows users in supported cities to order food from basically anywhere and have it delivered by an Uber driver. There are various places where you don’t deliver your food items on front of your door. UberEATS offers the useful comfort of being able to order nearly whatever food you want without having to leave the house if you’re looking to stay in. It is currently available in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.

The features of UberEats are as follows:-

  • Speed you need:- Select a signature dish from the Instant Delivery menu and this app will be delivered your item faster than anyone else.
  • Food You want:- This app are working with over a hundred restaurants in your city to put great local food all in a single place. It takes responsibility to deliver your food.
  • Service you love:- In placing your order, you will see the total amount which includes the food and price. Pay the amount with Uber account and watch your order come right to you with the help of this app.

universal app***Universal Copy:- This app is built to let user copy virtually any text found on their device where the standard Android system software won’t allow them for a copy function through the long-press option. If you are one of them who come across with this type of scenario of then Universal Copy should fix things up quite nicely. Activate the Universal Copy mode and select the text you want to copy. Copy text from any application like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr and many more.



– crash fix for Android 4 devices (updated)


– you can now subselect exactly the word or sentence you want to copy instead of the whole paragraph. Simply long click on the text zone, or select a paragraph and click on the edit button: a popup will appear and let you select only what you need.

– Universal Copy will not appear anymore after a restart if disabled

– improved support for copying in Chrome

– improved support for many apps (Flipboard, NewRepublic and many others)

– bugfixes

These are the latest app which has been launched in the march 2016. If you are interested in any one app then you can go through with it.