Maximize Your Android’s Performance With Killer Tips

images1Android offers various application for it’s users which can be quite helpful and useful for personal and professional life. The continuous installation of new apps, producing photos and videos, Internet browsing can make your device too heavy which as a result slows down the performance of your Smartphone by consuming more battery and space. If your Smartphone performance get slows down after loading tons of application then no need to be worry. To solve this issue, you can use various optimization tool for your Android device. By using optimization apps you can remove all the garbages which is generates by various application on your phone such as Spotify, WhatsApp, Line, Pinterest, WeChat and various application with simple clicks. There are various app available in the Play Store that claims user to boost their phone performance but in reality few of them are work and rest of them are useless for your phone. Task killers claims user to to make their phone faster but the truth is that, it is really not simple to make things better by just pressing a button.

Before using any app, you can also boost the performance of your phone by using proper tips which are listed below:

  1. Know your Phone:- It is very important to know about the drawbacks and capabilities of your phone. You should not overburden your Android phone with resource-hungry application which is able to slows down the performance.
  2. Update your Android:- You should always update your phone because Google always brings great improvements and features to each new released version of Android OS to ensure high performance speed, stability and connectivity along with new user-friendly features.
  3. Disable Unnecessary Apps:- User should disable all unnecessary app but they should remember that disabling unnecessary apps is different from uninstalling applications. Disables apps will not shown on the home screen of your phone but you can re-enable them whenever you needed.
  4. Remove Unwanted Apps:- Whenever you install an app in your phone then it take some storage space and runs some processes in the background of your phone which occupied more spaces and slows down the performance speed. So keep only those app that you needed and remove those app which is unwanted for your phone.
  5. Use High-Speed Memory Card:- Memory card is known as the storage of your phone. Low internal memory phones get boost from high-capacity memory card for the maximum space of storage. User should get between 2-32 GB of storage space for highly speed/write operations. Android user must be choose only class 6 or class 10 memory card for better performance of their phone.
  6. Update Apps:- User should regularly update their installed apps from Google Play because developers add new features and fix bugs in each newly released version of applications. Updates application helps to perform your phone better and faster.
  7. Avoid Live Wallpaper:- Live Wallpaper consumes more CPU space which as a result drains battery much faster. Android phone comes along with various wallpaper, so you can select one among all them but avoid live wallpapers.
  8. Keep Fewer Widgets:- You should remember that widgets are not apps which only run when you select to activate them. Widgets are always running at the background of your screen because it always active all the time. Mots of the users use various widgets including GPS, Wi-FI, Bluetooth etc at a time which consumes more space of your phone and slows down the running speed.
  9. Turn off The Animations:- Are you noticed that your Smartphone screen fades in and out when you switch from one task to another? To see this action go through with Settings then select Developer Options and then window Animation scale. After this select Animation scale c10x and then select Window Animation scale to see the face effect in ‘slow-mo’. User can turn off the animations easily and after that they can notice that their Android phone performs much faster than before.
  10. Stop Syncing:- As all we know that Sync is a best feature through which user can easily synchronizes their data with Google servers. By keeping sync on, it does a refresh at each preset interval that eats your phone performance. So you should keep Sync off for irrelevant and unrequired services.

images2These are the prevention step through which you can safe your Phone’s performance but if you are unable to perform these steps then there is another bonus for you through which you can enhance your Phone’s speed…

  • Use Task Killer/ Manager:- Android user should download ant free Task managers or Task killer apps from Google Play to kill background processes and apps which you don’t used. Some of the goods ones task killer are Super Task Killer Free and Advanced Task Killer. For this set options to automatically kills unwanted and unnecessary application which is based on your selections after each period of time. For eg.. Update manger or any manufacturer-installed app which is not required by you.
  • Use Lightweight Background Apps:- User should use light-weighted application, so that your phone consumes less memory and boost your Smartphone’s battery and performance speed.
  • Root Your Android Phone:- Rooting Android phone, this feature provides user administrator level to access their phone through which they can easily uninstall that application which came with their phone and don’t want to use. You can easily flush those app with custom ROMs to enhance the battery life and performance of your phone.

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By these way you can definitely boost the performance of your phone. If you really follow the above given suggestions or tips then it will make your Android phone much smoother and faster. Apart from this, there are various third-party apps available in the Play Store which are relevant for your phone. So download those apps to clean the memory of your phone and boost the performance speed.