Microsoft releases new Windows 10 OS for Windows Mobile

1The journey from Windows 8 Mobile to Windows 10 Mobile has very smooth but there are lots of question raised by the fans of Windows phones about the future’s of Microsoft’s mobile because it has gained popularity very rapidly. Windows 8 OS is a unified platform for all devices but the user of Windows 8 want to extend more features, so according to user requirements Microsoft has released Windows 10 Mobile that completely meets user demands.

Windows 10 Mobile is the latest version of the windows OS that is now unified with Windows Phone OS. It was recently released on February 12, 2015 as an opt-in Technical Preview 2. It is the first attempt by Microsoft to unify their desktop, phone, tablet OS into a single OS. On the Phone Windows 10 shares may features including UI elements, kernel, menus, settings, Cortana etc.

Microsoft has launched recently a new Windows 10 mobile preview although it is ready to share when the OS will be available for older devices. This version of this OS includes improvements to the phone app, calender and outlook. This feature is available on only Windows 10 mobile.

Microsoft plans to roll out Windows 10 Mobile to existing Windows Phone users which integral part is shifted multiple times with the latest target.

Windows 10 Mobile OS comes with improved file System, network stacks, security components, drivers, media, graphic support and many more and it also supports high resolution of graphics and multi-core CPUs. This OS Overcome from all the limitation of windows 8 which are listed below:-

  • Windows 10 Mobile OS can easily turn the home screen tiles into icons but in Windows 8 there is no way to turn the home screen tiles into icons.

  • With the help of this OS, user can easily swap between different screens.

  • It remove the overlapping process of Metro and Aero user interface.

  • Windows 10 Mobile OS supports flash content on Tablet PC where as windows 8 can’t support this feature.

Important Features about Windows 10 Mobile:-

  • Device Support:- Right now this OS only supported phone for preview releases of Windows 10 Mobile are Lumia and HTC one. It supports ARM system-on-chips from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line and IA-32 system-on-chips from Intel and AMD. With Microsoft 10 Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft is going for the One platform approach.

  • User Interface:- It displayed home screen wallpaper behind translucent tiles rather than within them. It is packed with very simple interface that is very convenient-to-use.

  • Security features:- Windows 10 Mobile OS contains device encryption option.

  • Universal Apps:- This OS uses universal app System that allows devices written for Windows 10 on PC and easily ported to Windows 10 Mobile devices.

  • Continuum feature:- This feature allows a Windows 10 Mobile device to be used as an ad hoc PC.

  • Edge Browser:- It include a new modern web browser that is called Edge. It’s new rendering engine make browsing much faster and supports reading lists on-screen annotations and extensions.

  • Notifications Sync between devices:- It is ability to sync notifications between devices.

  • Improved Keyboard:- Windows 10 Mobile has a great keyboards which is known as a Word Flow. It is sticking around in mobile but it is gaining more improved features. You can easily resize the keyboard to fit into your fingers and even move it around the screen anywhere.

  • New Photo App:- This feature allow windows user to sync their photo library across devices and automatically enhance their photos and creates albums.


2Apart from this all above features Windows 10 Mobile App have gained voicemail waiting and missed call indicators. Once you open tab with a missed call or voicemail, it will automatically disappears but it will change with an upcoming build. This app also lets you turn off the message preview text in the message list. (Settings>Reading>Conversation>Turn off “Show preview Text”). There is also a new way to get rid of junk mail attachments in inbox. For this press down on a message and choose Move to junk . In Outlook calender, user can now let other know “I’ll be late” directly from meeting notifications.

Microsoft has been coming out with many updates and upgrades when it comes to the world of technology. This company has been really changing the way the markets of technology work, and with the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile OS, Microsoft aims at bringing out an air of universality around the world of technology. The aim of Microsoft with the Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile OS is to bring parity between the two worlds which have been rather far apart over the years. It also get an update for the Windows 10 Mobile OS is WhatsApp, as the company now gets an improved experience for the users. WhatsApp was in the news recently as the crossed a billion devices.

As all we know that each coin have two sides one positive and other negative. So lots of users take this Windows 10 Mobile OS as negatives views because of some points such as:-

  • Compatibility:- This OS is not compatible with all software and drivers, so it cannot work properly for all software.

  • Bugs:- It is more common than earlier versions because Quality control has taken a back seat to rapid release.

  • Privacy:– Generally, it collects data from you and sent it to Microsoft.

  • Cost:- This OS is much costly than earlier version of Windows OS.

  • Media:- This version removed the DVD player and Media center.

  • Control:- This feature is removed from the consumer versions.

Apart from this little disadvantages, Windows 10 Mobile OS is really a great OS that featured with highly advanced features. This OS completely enhance the mobile experience with it’s great features. So user should not get confused for it’s little negative impacts. They should go with it’s positive impact that make great enhancement for user experience. Windows user can easily upgrade the latest version of Windows 10 Mobile OS into their Windows phone, if their phone has upgraded features.

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