New SHARK CryptoMix Ransom Virus Targeting Files Across The Global World

Recently, team of malware researchers has discovered a new variant of “CryptoMix Ransomware” that appends “.SHARK” file extension to lock almost all stored files in Windows System. The CrytoMix Ransomware family usually releases the new version of ransomware to attack PC globally almost every week. In this post, you will get all information about newly discovered member of this ransomware family and what has changed in it.

Delete Shark CryptoMix Ransomware

What Changes Occurred in New Variant of CryptoMix Ransomware?

Shark CryptoMix Ransomware is a new member of CryptoMix Ransomware family. Although, it follow the same behavior as it’s predecessor variant of files but there are some points which makes it different from other ones. The encryption method of this ransomware is same and the ransomware note still entitled as “_HELP_INSTRUCTION.TXT” but this ransomware uses [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] emails addresses for victim to contact with it’s creator for the payment details. Another noticeable thing is that it uses “.SHARK” file extension to target files. The new member of CryptoMix Ransomware family includes 11 public RSA 1024 encryption keys to lock the victim’s stored files. These keys allows the ransomware to work offline completely without network communication.

What are the ways through which Shark CryptoMix Ransomware Attack PC?

Generally, it attacks PC with spam messages or attachment that dropped by it’s developer on your inbox secretly. When you open any messages or attachments that arrived on your inbox from unknown senders or persons then it gets inside your PC. Besides, it can also victimized Windows System through file sharing sources, torrent hackers, infected devices, bundling method and much more. Once lurking inside the PC, it does not only makes file inaccessible but also conducts series of malevolent activities. It has the ability to endanger privacy and keep almost all valuable data at the high risk. It is also known to drop Ads X adware program along with the bundled of freeware application.

What do you know about Ads X?

Ads X is actually an adware program that gets inside the PC in the secret mode without user’s approval. Like other adware, it has been also developed by cyber hackers to earn online revenues. Does not matter what OS you are using because it is capable to infect PC globally. This adware is mainly know to bombard user’s screen with endless irritating and annoying ads in several form such as banner ads, full window, discounts, promo codes, comparison prices, deals and much more. It makes System too much stranger and weird than before. It can also inject numerous malicious threats inside your Computer after opening System backdoor including trojan, browser hijacker, keylogger, spyware etc.

How To Protect Yourself From New Variant of CryptoMix Ransom Virus & Other Malware?

To avoid the attack of CryptoMix Ransom Virus and other similar malicious threat, it is very necessary that you use security software and good computing habits. You should keep a reliable backup of your all crucial data so that you can easily restore them in case of emergency. By making some practices of good online habits and prevention measures, you can easily avoid yourself from malware attack. Some prevention tips are as follows :

  • Avoid to open attachments until you confirm about the person that actually sent you.
  • Keep your Windows OS and installed application updated.
  • Use strong and hard passwords to keep your valuable data protected.
  • Download cost-free stuffs or application always using Advanced or Custom installation option.
  • Avoid to visit any hacked or gambling website.

Prevention Tips to Safeguard your Mac from Malware

Since Mac is getting popular these days and this is the reason why hackers are looking for some loopholes to target Mac OSX. Hence it is our sincere advise to Mac users to make use of below mentioned tips

  1. Firstly, ensure that the Mac OS which is being used is up to date. If not Go to App Store and click on Update All option.
  2. Automatic updates option should never be turned off. Users are advised to to turn on automatic updates option.
  3. Allow or install Mac apps from reliable and trusted developers or sources that is well identified.
    for that you need to Select and Click on System Preferences >> Security >> Privacy >> General

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