Preventive Measure To Protect Smartphone From Any Malware Attack In The Future

malwareThe increasing use of wireless handhelds is one of the most popular reason why malwaree pros are getting serious about the Smartphone malware. Protecting the System from viruses and malware is the second nature for most of the people, but lots of users don’t apply the same level of diligence with their smartphones. With the growing trend away from computers and towards smartphones, it is very important than ever to protect yourself from malware.

Mobile phones are now more vulnerable from virus attacks and the risk has increased rapidly in the last few years. Without IMEI number, Smartphones are flooding in the market that has increased the risk a lot. Virus or malware can attack various files which stored on your phone such as software, games, security patches and ad-on functionalities of your phone. However with the problem comes a solution as well. There are effective ways through which you can protect your mobile phone from an attack by viruses or malware. All of you need to do is to be a little vigilant.

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malware2There are various numbers of mobile worms and malware are constantly on the rise. Virus writers creates numerous new and deceptive ways of attacking software run by Smartphones. When virus or malware attacks on mobile is increasing at a fast, on the other side the expanding field of mobile communications also offers various opportunity of designing security in a proper and effective manner. Other than installing an effective mobile antivirus, you have to follow some precautionary measures to ensures that your mobile stay away from the malware or virus attack. While surfing the net from your mobile you have to ensure that you download content from a reliable and trusted website only.

The steps you should follow to protect your mobile are as follows –

  1. Branded mobiles: You should always select a recognized brand phone that usually come with IMEI number.
  2. Mobile antivirus: You should download an effective and trusted antivirus application directly in your smartphone
  3. Scan your mobile: After downloading an antivirus application or software in your Smartphone, you should remember to scan your mobile to search for any virus.
  4. Turn off Bluetooth: Bluetooth is one of the most popular way through which unknown applications or virus can enter or make way into your mobile. So it is better to turn the Bluetooth function off when you are in unknown places.

Other points to remember in order to protect your Smartphone from Virus attack:

  • Maintain a proper backup of your contact list.
  • Avoid to download any unknown software or apps from the Internet
  • Put your Bluetooth on non-discoverable mode and never accept the data which comes from the untrusted sources.
  • Use password to protect your device and to prevent the use of data stored in your phone.
  • Update your virus database and stay away from malicious messages
  • Always verify the sources when accepting content and programs like videos, mobile themes, photos, etc and especially while downloading from the web.