Recover Lost/Deleted Items from Lexar SD Card

6Lexar is a storage components which is an American based manufacture. It is very popular for flash memory cards. Lexar SD card has become the widely and most used memory card formats for all mobile like Android, Windows, iOS etc. SD card comes in various sizes and storage capacities based on the user needs. Like other storage components, the common thing in this is data loss which can be happen due to any reasons. Data loss is really a very horrible feeling for each user. Most of the user think that they cannot get back their lost/deleted items of SD card and get too much worried but there is no need to be upset because there is a way through which they can easily retrieve their deleted items which stored on their lexar SD card. To get more information regarding flash memory card visit –

Most common reasons for losing data from lexar SD card of their phone are as follows:-

  1. Unnecessary or Unintentionally Deletion:- If you delete some photos, video or other items from your phone which stored into the lexar SD card then there is a possibility of the losing items
  2. Lexar SD card infected by virus:- If your memory card is infected with any malware or virus, then it can also lead to the loss of music files, images, videos and other important data which stored in it.
  3. Formatting of SD card:- Unnecesasry formatting of SD card can cause data loss of your phone.
  4. Improper handling of SD card:- Dispatching or ejecting the Lexar SD card can also cause data loss.
  5. Sharing or transferring data from SD cards:- Improper operation which is used in sharing data from SD card can cause data loss.
  6. Taking photos when batteries are nearly empty
  7. Opening, renaming, deleting or moving files on the card when its contents are open.

All above reasons are responsible for the data loss from lexar SD card. In addition there is another various reasons which can cause data loss from SD card such as formatting error, over-usage etc. Once your important items deleted from Lexar SD Card, it is really no need to be worry badly because it is possible to retrieve lost items of Lexar SD Card.

3Each mobile user can use some prevention tips to avoid data loss of Lexar SD card which are as follows:-

  • Don’t use the same Lexar SD card on multiple phones
  • Avoid to push your batteries to the limit
  • Use a good quality of card reader
  • Turn off the camera before removing memory card
  • Format your SD card, instead of deleting all items
  • Always safely eject your SD card from your phone
  • Be careful while deleting or formatting items

These all are the prevention tips which can be used easily to safe your data. To keep your phone data or those data which stored on the memory card, it is very necessary to protect your Lexar SD card.

Ways To Protect Lexar SD Card are as follows:-

  1. Encryption:- It is a popular way to protect your data which stored on SD card automatically. It makes your data unreadable without authorized access, so it prevents anyone from seeing or modifying the files
  2. Password protect:- Password protect is one of the easiest way to secure a Lexar SD card which guards data against unauthorized use, theft and deletion.
  3. Write-Protect:- It is a simple way to lock the data which stored on the Lexar SD card which makes it impossible to alter or delete any data.

Through this way you can protect your Lexar SD card and safe your items for forever. But if you want to get more information regarding this then click –