Remove BroadAnywhere: How To Delete BroadAnywhere Vulnerability From Android Phone

1As per the demand of Android phone growing rapidly, 99% of users are susceptible with BroadAnywhere vulnerability. It is a newly discovered vulnerability which can impact on almost every Android user. The latest version of Android 5.0 Lollipop has fixed this serious issues, however every below version of 5.0 is still at a risk. This vulnerability is able to crash or restart your phone, forge messages from any sender or wipe entire data which stored on the user phone.

How BroadAnywhere Penetrates Into Your PC:-

BroadAnywhere usages various method to intrudes into your Phone silently without asking from you, some of them are as follows:-

  1. Freeware or Shareware program:- This type of vulnerability can intrudes into your PC, when you try to download any free software packages from untrusted web-pages and choose default installation without reading EULA completely. So it very necessary to pay attention while installing any freeware packages from unknown sources to make phone virus-free.
  2. Malicious link:- It may intrudes into your phone when you visit any suspicious or malicious links.
  3. Infected Media Devices:- This type of vulnerability can intrudes into your phone when you use infected devices to share or transfer any desired content.
  4. Spam-emails or Junk mail attachments:- It is packed with Spam-emails or junk mail attachments, so whenever you open these attachments it can automatically intrudes into your device.
  5. Annoying advertisements:- This type of malware also attach with some advertisements that seems as legitimate and helpful but when you click on those advertisements, you phone would be affected by the BroadAnywhere vulnerability.

One of the Android user also affected by BroadAnywhere vulnerability, who share their experience as follows:-

“Il y a Un jour, mon téléphone Android avait été affectée par BroadAnywhere. Je ne savais vraiment pas comment cela empiète sur mon téléphone, mais il rend mon téléphone complètement étrange. Je suis trop inquiet de la performance de mon téléphone et je partage mon problème avec le frère de mon ami qui est un expert de la profession. Il m’a décrit autour d’un des directives efficaces pour supprimer la vulnérabilité BroadAnywhere facilement et complètement.”

How exactly might BroadAnywhere affect you?

  1. Devices could stop working automatically:- This type of vulnerability can cause various harmful activities into your phone like stops to respond, turn your phone into a paperweight etc. All functions of Android phone cease to perform and makes their phone crash.
  2. All data could be wiped:- With this vulnerability, malicious apps are able to send a malicious broadcast to reset the factory settings which as a result your all apps, videos, photos, messages, contacts and everything will be gone from your phone.
  3. SMS contents and its sender can be forged:- After attacking into your phone, attacker can send messages to you which appear to be from whoever that you want. For example, attacker can send a messages and asks you to urgently deposit some money that appears to be your friends, relatives, cousin, families etc.

To protect your Android phone against this vulnerability, You must be use Clean Master and CM Security and most importantly ensure that you are using updated version. By this way you can block your malicious apps that try to use this type of malware and continue monitoring the situation to ensure that your phone is completely safe. To avoid BroadAnywhere vulnerability from your Android phone, you can also take some prevention tips.

Prevention Tips To Avoid BroadAnywhere:-

  • Update Software regularly.
  • Always use official or trusted sites to download any packages
  • Keep your anti-virus program up to date
  • Never share data over network
  • Avoid to visit any porn sites etc.

By taking these prevention tips, you can avoid the chance of BroadAnywhere to enter into your Android phone.