Remove FBI Virus from your iPhone / iPad Easily

1iPhone or iPad are basically Apple devices which brings various convenient applications into your fingertips. Like other devices, it is also not an error free. One of the most fearsome malware infects into all iPads and iPhones which is known as FBI Virus. FBI Virus is a type of a ransomware infection that is capable of lock your iPhone completely and degrades the performance speed. This type of virus demands some ransom money to avoid your Apple phone from virus. Actually at the beginnings, this type of virus corrupts and damages your phone or tablet. It is usually disguises as official and legitimate authority or local department to scare innocent users that their Internet connection are suspected for law-breaking. On the screen of your phone, it demands to pay some ransom money with just few hours. You should not believed on that fake alerts because the main motive of this virus is to steal your all crucial data and release your privacy.

One of the iPhone user suspected with FBI Virus and they easily removed it from their phone. He share his experience as follows:-

Hej Venner, Someday siden, jeg havde advaret FBI Virus, som siger, at jeg er et offer for pornografi. Jeg havde virkelig ingen idé om det, og det beder mig om at betale nogle løsepenge penge til at dekryptere min hele filen er gemt på min telefon. Det nævnes, at hvis jeg ikke ville betale den løsesum Bemærk derefter måtte jeg fængsel i 5-7 år. Jeg var virkelig for meget bange og leder efter en løsning eller b fjerne FBI Virus. Efter omfattende forskning, jeg fik et kraftfuldt værktøj, der virkelig Fjern FBI Virus helt fra min telefon.

How FBI Virus Intrudes into your iPhone/iPad:-

iphone-trojan-virus1FBI Virus is specially designed by cyber hackers using very advanced algorithm to get illegal profits. This virus is easily spread online and hits various Apple iOS devices. The mots common method which is used of this type of Virus are bundled of free software packages, infected media devices, Spam-emails or junk mail attachments, untrusted or unwanted web-pages, torrent files, P2P file sharing over network etc. So it is recommended to pay attention while installing any free stuffs on your Apple phone, you must be read Eula completely.

Harmful Effects of FBI Virus:-

Once your phone is infected with FBI Virus, you have to suffer with lots of problems. Somr harmful effects of this virus are listed below:-

  • Lock your iPhone or iPad completely and asks to pay some ransom money
  • take control of mobile phone
  • Locks your apple device by claiming that you have violated the law of local office
  • Block you to modify your phone settings
  • Prevents you from doing any operations into your PC.
  • Blocks your access to the System and Internet
  • Allow cyber crooks to release your privacy etc.

20150715032557689If you get any symptoms of FBI Virus on your iPhone then it is sured that your device is infected with this type of Virus. So you should remove FBI Virus from your iPhone immediately after getting any symptoms. Here is a list of way through which you can reduce the chance of the attack of FBI Virus which are as follows:-

  1. Reset settings:- To remove FBI Virus from your Apple phone, you need to reset setting which can be done as follows:- Go to settings then choose General option from Settings and at last select Reset option. After choosing Reset option, you will see a warning message in which it mentioned that erase all content and settings. So before reset your iPhone, you need to back up your data.

  2. Delete suspected app which contains malware:- User should try to remove all suspected app which carry the malware. It can be done by holding and pressing the icon of that application until an X appears at the icon of upper part in the left corner .

  3. Backup and restore:- It is an easy solution to get back your all corrupt applications or data which are lots due to whatever reasons. Once you create a backup of your entire data, you can easily get back by restoring option.

virus-iphoneThrough above mentioned way you can reduce the chance of the loss of data after attack of FBI Virus. But if you not used prevention tips and this type of Virus intrudes into your Android phone then you can remove FBI Virus by using manual method.