Remove Malware Easily From Android Smartphones

5Recently, terms like ‘Threat’, ‘Malware’, ‘Spyware’ etc have become a trending topic in the Android community. These threat affects more than millions of Android mobile users daily and most of the users have reported that it is nearly impossible to remove threat from their Smartphones. These virus disguised as legitimate app but it is the most widespread infectious virus that can cause very harm for your mobile phone. It is able to automatically installed unwanted and annoying pop-up ads on your smartphone and cannot be removed by doing factory setting or using any normal anti-virus software.

How it installed on your phone?:

In most cases, these type of threat attacks to target on those the users who allow the third party app to install on their Android smartphone. It gets installed on your smartphone automatically, once you download and install the infected apps from outside of Google Play.

Impacts of This Harmful Threat:-

1If your phone gets the virus or threat, it will automatically gain the highest authority and able to root your device. It can automatically download various unwanted apps without your permission to consumes more space of your mobile. This behavior will not only make your phone slow and drain your battery, but it will also consume lots of cellular data and steals your all crucial data. It runs on the background service, download ad-infected apps to your Android mobile phone and automatically push advertisement to your phone. Besides from this, it can bypass the security measures which is established by the Google Play Store and other markets. It is able to obtain full root and control smartphones at its fullest which made it nearly impossible to get rid of. To remove malware go through with the effective link. Source:-

Manual Method:-

Malware can be removed from your System by using manual method. For this you have to Boot your Android Phone Into Safe Mode.

To Boot Android Phone Into Safe Mode Follow The Simple Steps Which is Listed Below:-

  1. Boot your Android device into safe mode. After that you need a power option which will appear by pressing power button for long time.
  2. Now select Power Off option and press it for long until you found ‘Reboot to safe mode’. After finding this word click on OK option to continue for further step.
  3. Wait for booting your device into safe mode.
  4. To ckeck whether you are in safe mode or not, you can see the ‘safe mode’ which will appear at the left bottom of the screen .

4Uninstall Threat, virus or malware

  1. Once accessing your anroid phone into safe mode, go through the setting screen and uninstall all unwanted and malicious application.
  2. To uninstall notrious code, you should go with the settings and select the Storage option. To see all the file which stored on your android smartphone tap on the category. On the targeted files press for long times and select the uninstall option.
  3. User can skip all problem by the default factory settings. But through this way, there is more chance to lose your crucial data. so before choosing this option make sured that you have a backup of your data.
  4. Now Restart your Smartphone and check the malware is still popping-up or not.

2If your Android phone will not appear the annoying pop-up or malicious activities then you have to be sured that your Mobile phone is out of danger and all malicious threat had removed. But usually manual method is used by an advanced user who have complete knowledge because one strong step can destroy your crucial data which stored on your mobile. If you are not an advanced user and want to remove threat from your Android phone easily and completely then you should use any third-party trusted app.