Retrieve Deleted Photos/Videos From Android Phones

4In this modern technology, Each and every android user captures their photos and store lots of photos and video and records many unforgettable moments of their smartphone. Apart from this, most of the android users have habit of downloading their desired and favorite videos or movies over the Internet. Therefore android phones are one of the most important assets from them. Now-a-days most of their people used their mobile phone instead of camera to capture and store their memorable moments. Android users uses various third-party applications to enhance their picture quality, create an album, making collage and many more. But sometimes it may possible that you may loss your precious or valuable photos or videos that you stored on your Android phones after keeping precaution. In some circumstances, users may slipt with the wrong options while using any third-party application on Android phone which may leads to deletion of precious photos and videos from Android phone. But data loss on Android may caused by various reasons can happen at any time.

1There are various reasons behind the deletion of pictures and videos from the Android phone which are listed below:-

  • Unexpected powerful off during data transferring.

  • Accidentally deleted files from Android devices.

  • Resetting the android devices to default factory settings.

  • Abruptly removing the memory card.

  • Attack of harmful viruses

  • Accidentally formatted the memory card inside Android devices.

  • Involuntarily deleting photos and videos while removing unwanted files from Android phone.

  • Opting “Restore” option by mistake on Android device can erase complete data including pictures and videos preserved on it by restoring the phone to its initial factory settings

2Losing photos due to whatever reasons such as using any third-party mobile apps, accidental deletion, device formatting or data corruption, is really a very terrible feeling. If the photos and videos of your Android phones are really deleted accidentally while using any third-party mobile apps and want to recovery then no need to be worry because you are at right place. With the help of this post, you will definitely get a best solution.

If you come across any of above mentioned then you no need to be worry because you can recover your all precious photos and videos from the backup of your data. But if you have not a backup or your priceless photos and videos, then it will be the depressing. But Don’t worry!!!

You can recover your data by using some manual method but this method consists with highly advanced steps which can be handled by only advanced user but if you are not an advanced user then you should not try this method because if you tried this method and use any wring steps it will cause more data loss and problem for your android device.

3Luckily, there are various photo recovery softwares available in the market that can help you to get back your all photos and videos easily. Whenever you used any mobile apps, format a device or delete any picture from android phones, the link to the photo is removed, but the actual data remains. You can easily recover your data unless it has been replaced by new data. Among various software iPhoto Library Recovery Software is considered as the best tool which helps user to easily recover all deleted photos and videos from their Android phones. It is a fast and safe solution to find and export lost data on Android phone. If you really want to get back your deleted photos or videos from your Android device which are deleted due to whatever reasons then you should use iPhoto Library Recovery Software. It’s Complete features are described in