‘Smart’ Apps That Will Make You Smarter

1Are you tired of twitting yourself picture which has been captured on a bus, long trip or many memorable places? Are you not on Snapchat or no Internet user and your neighbor is busy by their earphones? Do you also want to busy yourself with your mobile at best way? Are you looking for the best app to exercise your brain? If your answer is yes, for all the above questions then you are at right place. With the help of this post, you will definitely get a best and effective solution.

Lots of user use games on their mobile when they get bored like car games, mario, candy crush and many more. But all these games only help you to kill your time and nothing more. If you want to kill your time with boost up your productivity and skills then you have to use ‘Smart Apps’ which will not only kill your time when you get bored but it also enhance your skill. So, grow up, uninstall those teenage-style car-chase games and use these apps right away.

Latest technology helped us to improve ourselves through easy apps. Seeking some real brain challenges and skills development? Try some smart apps now. Let’s start to collect the information about the ‘Smart apps’. There are various ‘Smart apps’ available but some of them are listed below:-

    1. Elevate:- Like other part of the body, brain also needs some exercise and training at various points of throughout life. If you are looking for brain-improvement games that help you to improve your cognitive and comprehension skills, math skills, focus and memory communication skills, processing speed then Elevate is just the app for you. It is an educational app that is free at its most basic but it comes with a quite hefty subscription fee for the dedicated. This app is designed with the assistance of neuroscience experts who generally conducted extensive scientific research on cognitive learning by using brain-training algorithms that train user brain to focus and learn based on user personal capabilities. So user can easily personalize their training program and set the pace of training. It has more than 30 games that is able to improve all-round skills. You can use this app more than three times a week that helps to reported a boost in skills and confidence. It’s detailed performance analysis allows user to see how well you are faring in the different challenges presented. Calendar of this app helps user commit to this unique brain workout. Elevate also integrates with Apple Watch, so user can easily track track performance even there. Each day this app offers three tests to get one’s brain ticking. It covers a wide variety of different skills sets which includes memory, syntax, error avoidance, refinement, inversion, brevity, processing, comprehension, contextualize, connotation, agility, visualization and many more. Users can unlock all 14 games at a time as well as benefits for $9.99 a month or a year. It is a kind of pricey application but it has lots of benefits. So avoid it’s range and use this informative brain training tool. Elevate – Brain Training does the job, but do consider that price tag for anything long term.
    2. timedropTimeDrop:- This app is a color-matching game that teaches user several things about science and evolution. It has very simple and elegant timer that used user to just drag hourglass liquid and set the time countdown, drag down figure to pause or start the timer. You can easily start from the scratch by dragging the liquid to the top of the timing. It compromise the building blocks of cognitive skill development. If you are a Big Bang and evolution enthusiast then you probably already know all about water and rocks and time-traveling. This application was designed from the old timer hourglass abstracted, simple and elegant operation and timing visual image. It uses color and shape-matching to impart skills for math, science, language and reading. It is a cognitive skill development because According to educational consultant Ellen Booth Church, “When a child learns to discern the similarities and differences between colors and shapes, [he or she] uses the same skills to recognize the differences between letters and numerals.”. This skill development app can help user to evaluate, arrange, establish, and channel their focus and attention. Cognitive skills acquired through color-matching games improve the brain’s ability to “connect the dots.” It’s a skill set that can further help you in life by improving your ability to analyze and comprehend real-life situations and Improved your cognitive skills further advance productivity. In this application mixing colors in not really easy. You should avoid water, rocks and oil drops on your way back to the future. For example, in real life we are perennially swimming in a sea of knowledge, but how do we cut through the clutter and connect the dots? It is also addictive that helps to reward of free coins time-to-time, so thanks to the burst of vibrant colors!. This game app will be your perfect companion when you’re looking for short respites from work or the boredom of a long trip.
    3. Rounds:- It is a video-chatting app that allows user to connect with friends and family through video conferencing. If you are really getting bored of playing games and solving puzzles then you must be try this app. It adds a whole extra layer of social capabilities that users can take advantage of it and it puts FUN back into the conversation. This application comes with funny chat-effects that make talking with friends really fun. The most important part of this app is that it allows user to share and watch YouTube videos with friends and co-hobbyists who share similar passions. With the help of this application you can hang out video chat rounds anywhere you go with android video chat app. Users can easily watch Youtube videos together, play games, listen music, browse gmail or facebook and simply socialize with the Android video chat. You will completely enjoy the closest experience to actually hanging out in the real life through Android video calling application. On Android phone Video chat doesn’t get any better than with Rounds!. If you are watching a fitness or recipe video over YouTube, along with people in your group who share similar interests then you all can easily exchange notes over videos and pick up a thing or two you might have missed. This application has been downloaded over 350,000 times and has a 4.2 rating on Google Play. You can also use this application because it is available on iTunes.

Cognitive psychologists have claimed that working memory is the most important cognitive predictor of fluid intelligence. There are three apps details presented above. Let’s start with Elevate which helps to improve working memory and the other two application helps to improve skills development. These three apps are really the next best thing after brain and skill-development courses which are designed with very simple and user-friendly interfere to help people effectively and systematically and they used the latest technology to become ever more effective by improving their focus and skills.

To download any smart apps just go with it’s official sites –  https://play.google.com