Tips To Remove Virus From Smartphone Easily


Is your phone infected with Virus? Want to remove Virus from your Smartphone? What will you do if your phone got hit be a Virus? What harm can a virus do to your Phone? How to remove Virus from phone? Let’s try to find out the answers of all questions in this guideline.

3Now-a-days, Virus infection has been very common in all Smartphone. In this innovative world, as you know that Smartphone is very popular with it’s incredible features. As everything have two phases that are positive and negative, similarly where Smartphone makes life easy on the other side cyber hackers used to gather user’s personal information by intruding Virus into Smartphone. There are various method is used by Virus to intrudes into your Smartphone, some of them are as follows:-

  • Download any free stuffs from untrusted sources
  • Click on any suspicious links
  • File sharing over network
  • Sharing or transferring file from one phone to other
  • Playing online games etc

1These all reasons are responsible for infecting Virus into your Smartphone. Just as on a PC, there are some alerts and warning messages that alert you to the presence of Virus infection into your Smartphone which are listed below.

  1. Poor Mobile phone performance
  2. Unexplained data usage
  3. Dropped phone calls automatically
  4. Reduce battery life
  5. Hanging issue
  6. Stop various Internal apps to work properly etc

To avoid Smartphone from the further harms and attack of other harmful threat, it is very necessary to remove Virus immediately which can be done using either manual or automatic method. A french user asked a question that “Mon système a été affecté par le virus, comment puis-je enlever facilement et complètement”, to know answer of this question Click Here.

Manual method to remove a virus from Phone:-

Step 1. Put your Smartphone into a safe mode because this mode prevents any third-party app to execute including any malware. To put phone into safe mode, press the power button to access the power off options. After accessing this option press and hold Power off option to bring an option to restart phone into safe mode. If this method doesn’t work with your Smartphone then go with Google and search method to put Phone into safe mode and follow the instructions. You will see “Safe mode” at the bottom left of the screen of Smartphone when in safe mode.

Step 2. Once your phone restart in Safe mode, open Settings menu and select Apps option. In doing this activity make sure that you are viewing the Downloaded tab. If you have no idea about the name of the Virus then go through the list and search for any malware app than run on your device

Step 3. To open the App info page tap on the malicious application and then click on Uninstall option. In most of the cases, you need to do to remove the virus, but occasionally it may very difficult to find out the Uninstall button because the virus has given itself Device administrator status. 

Step 4. Exit from the Apps menu and tap on Settings, Security, Device Administrators. Through this, you will find a list of various application on your mobile with administrator status. So untick the box for all which you want to remove and then tap Deactivate button on the next screen. Now you are able to return to the apps and remove them.

Step 5. Now off your Smartphone and restart phone to take it out of Safe mode. You will see that your phone is working properly and correctly. Now your Phone is free from Virus, you can create a backup to safe your data from future attack

With the help of above mentioned manual method, you can easily remove Virus from your Smartphone but this method usually handled by only advanced user who have technical knowledge because one wrong step can cause further harms. If you are not an advanced user and want to remove Virus then go through with an effective tool to make your Smartphone Virus-free.