Top 10 Apps For Business Profession


In this modern era, each one has a Smartphone and they looking always for various ways to improve their professional life by using some apps. To enhance your professional life, you have to select right apps which is equipped with right digital tools. User should select those app which display a financial dashboard and prevent Inbox data to scramble. There are various app available that claims you to enhance your professional life but each one is not perfect. Here some popular and more relevant professional apps is described, so that you can choose the right one according to your relevance.

  1. 2Office Mobile For Office 365 Subscribers:- This app enhance the process of creating and editing documents by syncing into the cloud with the help of multiple devices. It is used to access, view and edit MS Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents but the content will be remain intact. This application is compatible with iOS, Android as well as Windows Phone. With the help of this application your documents will look like original because it supports animations, charts, shapes, graphics etc. In this app cloud sharing works through SharePoint, SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro. The price of this app will be vary according to the tier which your desired. It can be range from upto $p.pp per month.

  2. 3Google Drive:- For Android phone, there is a solid cloud-storage options but among all Google Drive is the top app because it comes with built right into the OS. This app lets you to store your files and documents online so that they are easily backed up and accessible on any device from anywhere with an Internet connection. This app is integrated with QuickOffice, so sign in your Google account to get access your all documents which is stored into the cloud. The plus point of this app is that every edit is automatically backed up to Google Drive. Android user have not to pay any cost for using this application. For more Info regarding this app visit –

  3. 13Square Register:– This application has been launched by Jack Dorsey who is a well known or respected entrepreneur famous for creating Twitter and James McKelvey in 2010 This app enables user to manage their business from anywhere by accepting Credit cards or using a free point of sale tools and card reader. It takes 2.75% cut for all major credit cards without any hidden fees or merchant accounts. On the version of iPad this app comes with user Interface that looks like a traditional cash register. Once you download this app on your Phone, you have to sign up on this app to receive a dongle free credit card reader into the mail. After downloading app, just plug the dongle into headphone jack on Smartphone and swipe a credit card to start processing payments. It also allows user to enter credit card details manually.

  4. 12Cisco WebEx Meetings:- This app is compatible with all OS including iOS, BlackBerry and Android that reminds user their meeting schedules. With the help of this app, you can easily join any meeting or web conference through a camera switcher and 2-way video. This app is different from other video conferencing services because it allows user to attached a files to a meeting space. The free version of this application supports 3 people per meeting with superior video qulaity and 250MB of storage.

  5. 7Google Docs, Sheets and Slides:- For Android Smartphone, the best productivity suite is still Google’s own collection which included spreadsheet editor Sheets, word processor Docs and presentation maker slides. Google’s application have more cleaner, highly advanced features, attractive interface than other office apps which offers best tool to insert images, tables, charts and various other complex elements into your documents. With the help of this app user can easily transmit between their System and Smartphone. If you edit your documents off-lines, then you no need to be worry for losing your data.

  6. 8Skype:- Those user who are looking for a solid video conferencing app to meet with their employees or clients, then Skype is the best option for them. This app lets Android user to make video-calls by using the secondary camera on their handset. The platform of this app is very flexible so that you can connects with all those users who are on nearly at any device. But if user are away from the office then it can virtually drop them into a staff meeting. You can easily download this app without paying any cost.

  7. 9OneNote:- In note-taking apps, Microsoft’s OnewNote has various advantages. For starters, it is referred to use this app because of easy to use interface. Evernote have in-depth feature and complex interface, so it is advised by expert to use OneNote app. This application automatically synchronize user all notes to OneDrive that that user can easily backed up and access their data via cloud. This app integrates with your existing MS account, so you no need to creates or maintain any other account. It works best with a stylus-equipped device so that user can easily writes notes or draw diagrams by their hand.

  8. 10Dropbox:- If you want to automatically synced your edit files then Dropbox is ine of the best cloud storage application. This app offers 2GB of storage of free for user and it allows user to earn up to 3GB of additional free space by automatically synchronizing of photos and videos. Each referral can helps you to get 500 MB up to 18 GB. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry.

  1. 11TripIt – Travel Organizer:- This application is suitable for those who travel a lot. With the help of this application you can easily organize and share travel itineraries, especially suitable for those people who travel every week. User need to forward all confirmation e-mails as they receive from different services that they book to [email protected]It easily reorganize your reservations from over 3,000 booking sites such as concerts, cruises and restaurants. User can share their trip plans through Facekbook, e-mails and LinkedIn contacts. This app will definitely avoid you to forgetting the car rental services or missing a flight after organizing your travel details.

  1. Personal Finance:- This app tracks your all spending habits in a dashboard and tells you that where you have been spending too much time and how can you save your money. This app usually creates a customized budget based on user actual spending. User can use this application to track their loans, credit, banks, retirement budgets and mortgages. It’s complete details is provided in this page –

Above mentioned all apps are very useful for business purposes. If your really want to enhance your professional lifestyle through your Smartphone then use any app according to your requirement.