Truecaller Integrate Truedialer features For Android

TruecallerTruecaller is the worlds largest phone numbers community that is able to keeps the details of million of users over the globe. It is an amazing application which works as a caller ID through which user can detect unknown callers name photo, location by overarching mobile number. It is equipped with some useful functions including reverse number lookup, name display, number and location of the caller and social site feature that notifies followers when the user is on the phone. It notifies user of spam calls that ate tagged by other users who utilize the application’s database, this feature helps user to block spam call before receive it.

It is one of the most popular Apps for Android Smartphone which is used to find contact details globally and it has an integrated Caller ID service to achieve social media integration and call-blocking functionality. It delivers an excellent experience that goes beyond limitation of phonebook apps. This application lets user search for contact information, block calls, identify prank or incoming calls. Truecaller can completely transform user mobile experience with a smarter set of features that will improve their daily life. It featured with great features but now-a-days, it has been updated by an advanced feature through which you can easily contact or place call to your friend, family, relatives or loved ones.

Now, it has been updated with a new app icon and an improved designed to make this App more attractive and easy to use. It brings several True various Truedialer features to enhanced its features and make it popularity among all this type of application. This updation tells you about the availability of your friends with a new dialer features like Smart Call History and Availability. It has announced that it will be phasing out the standalone app soon. The latest version of Truecaller app is now available on the Google Play Store. It comes after the company lunched the TrueSDK last month. SDK essentially let third-party app developers board new users on the basis of their Truecaller profile.

Some Features of Truecaller are listed as follows:-

  • It lets you search for any number and found out who belongs to it.

  • This application is able to block unwanted calls.

  • The premium version of this App allows you to Tweet and Follow directly.

  • It now bringing many advanced features like Truedialer that gives you full control on your calling experience.

  • With the help of this application people can search for peoples via their names.

  • It is most alternative dialer apps which not only identifies unknown incoming calls but also blocks unwanted spam calls.

updtaed truecallerNow the latest features of this App bring Truecaller to a new level by adding even more value to one of user favorite and most necessary apps on their phone which integrates features like Smart Call History, Availability and an added dialer to make calls. It now includes functions which would let you check the status of your contacts, names of unknown callers in your call logs, and has a new design with an integrated dialer. The new additions features to Truecaller are listed as follows:-

1. Smart Call History- It replaces unknown numbers in user call logs with real names and photos of the persons who called.┬áThis feature is suitable for those phone number that are not saved in the contact list of user device’s or user skip the process to save contacts on the phonebook of handset’s.

2. Availability- This feature has been introduced in September last year that help to check the status of your contacts before you give them a call. It’s shows the status of or your friend before calling them. If availability status is set to green, it means that person is free to take calls but if the status is set to red, it means that user in on a call and you have to wait. This would result in better call connect ratios.

3. Built-in dialer- Now user can make calls directly from the Truecaller app with the help of this features. It would save the time taken to switch back to the handset’s dialer to make a call.

4. New Design & App Icon- Truecaller now has gained popularity because of a fresh look and revamped design which makes it very convenient-to-use.

The ability to call directly from this App is really a biggest update for it. This app will be an optional one and it will not be force anyone to use this application on their Android smartphone as custom dialer feature. It had recently launched a user verification Software Development Kit for third-party apps which allows user to very user based information with this App on their information. SDK is only on Android which is available to registered third party apps on platform.

This application boasts as one of the biggest phone number databases which comes with an additional feature through which you can always revert to the default dialer to place calls. This application also brings a social element to its dialer app like chit-chat feature, it only works if your contacts too have installed Truecaller on their phones.

The new version of Truecaller is already available on Google Play. So, you can download it now. After installing this application a main screen will pop up on the screen of your device with three main options that are search, call filter and update phonebook. Search option lets you to search for numbers which can be saved instantly to your phonebook. Call filter has a database of phone numbers that notify user when a blocked number is attempting to access the phone. This application will work properly as long as user has 3G, an Edge or WLAN Internet connection that installed into their cell phone. To avoid any unwelcome or unwanted calls and to contact with your friends, Truecaller is one of the most helpful application for those who want to handle a high volume of unnecessary calls each day.