YouTube redesigns its mobile apps with improved recommendations

1These days, YouTube is most popular and widely used application on various Smartphone. It is a free video sharing websites that allows user to view, upload and share videos. It comes in various version but there is a latest new that, YouTube is launching its new version for iOS and Android user with redesigned home-tab and smarter recommendations of videos which is empowered by deep neural networks technology. The new design, available for the YouTube app on iOS and Android with features large, high-resolution images to make it easier for users to identify videos which they want to watch and it included an icon which highlights the creator for each video. Latest version of YouTube’s app will show fewer recommendations but each one be more tailored to a user’s interests.



YouTube is not a groundbreaking redesign but it is starting to tap into more for its parent company’s artificial intelligence expertise. Google envision that AI plays a big role in the future of internet services and products. The CEO of YouTube Sundar Pichai describes the latest version of this application for company’s advancements in the field of cloud computing. It helps user to cut with the noise of endless steam of YouTube videos.

2Over the years, this app has been rolling out with various new updates and great features to freshen its platform’s or user interface on the mobile app. The latest change may seems to be redesign of Home section of both iOS and Android mobile app to provide simple and clean interface. It is possible that users may not find the difference between the older and newer version of YouTube interface, especially with the company who testing out various key designs for a while. The Home UI now features has streamlined icons which can be easily recognized. The icons also appear more prominent to highlight the uploader of the videos.

Furthermore, the YouTube company says that the changes in the latest version aren’t limited to a facelift of the Home user interface. Now the latest version comes with a more relevant recommendation wall that is personalized to help user browse through videos that they will find exciting to watch any video. Since it is based on highly advanced technology called deep neural network that allow user it find patterns automatically while improving itself through learning in the process. There are more than hundreds of millions different video recommendations are available on the new Home section which appear with billions of times in other 76 different languages. If you’re still seeing the old interface of home whenever you launch the YouTube app on your iPhone or Android device then no need to be upset. The update version will start rolling out soonly, so you should see the changes when it hits.

YouTube has now updated its mobile apps on both Android and iOS as well with a redesigned homepage and other UI tweaks. Both applications are getting a visual overhaul for its homepage. The main aim of YouTube expert to makeover this application is to push easier discovery of the content on YouTube app. With the latest version, user can see large number of thumbnails for recommended videos which is based on deep neural network technology. The best thing of this technology is that it analyzes and follows users likes and patterns. To offer user for better recommendations, YouTube will go through with their subscriptions and watch history with the help of machine learning systems. This application claims that everyday it is recommending hundreds of millions different videos on Home and billions of times in 76 other languages. Instead of text, It also focusing on large high-resolution thumbnails that feature with the video creators by showing profile icons underneath each video. To get more details click –

3YouTube says that it tested the latest design with a group of many users and those people who have tried the new system to spent more time in watching new videos and content from their subscriptions. According to YouTube, the video service adds a few tweaks every week which improve its recommendation engine. In the latest versions of the application, the shelves have been replaced with a single ranked list that grouped similar videos together. One of the biggest improvements in this application is how the system suggests more recent videos and those from the creators that you love.

The YouTube homepage makeover is currently available for mobile only, but even though the desktop home looks the same. Besides this, Desktop has also benefits from the improvements in the application that YouTube has made to recommendations. One of the improvements of this latest version of app will be seen whenever You will start to see newer videos in that recommended list. To get a closer look at what’s going on in this app, you can go ahead and download the update. With the help of technical innovations, a new coat of paint has coated to gives it’s mobile app newer and simpler look. It also focus on the thumbnails which makes video bigger and brighter in order to enhance application in the category of discover-ability. Thumbnails are more important for video creators.

The refreshed design of YouTube represents both visual improvements and behind-the-scenes tweaks. In older or previous version of this app, the recommendations in the app’s home feed looked more similar to what you see on YouTube’s website from desktop with a text-heavy layout with small thumbnails for each video. The new design eliminates much of the text that relys on large high-res thumbnails instead. It also featured with the video creators more prominently by showing profile icons underneath each video. You can get it’s feature by downloading the latest version of YouTube. So download latest version and gets it’s all features.

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